Album Review: Ben Arnold

Ben Arnold’s newest album, ‘Simplify’, is a solid, filling and enjoyable album from start to finish.  On this album Arnold blends an eclectic mix of styles and delivers them all with respect and the utmost songwriting and musicianship possible.  Oh my, listening to ‘Simplify’ by Ben Arnold makes my ears smile and my feet want to dance.

“Depend on Love” is a very welcoming, positive and motivating opening track.  It’s followed by the title track with a great message – “SIMPLIFY”.  A simple, sincere message intertwined with a nice full, layered sound and you’re got a perfect song.  Arnold slows the tempo down on “Fishin’”, “Slow Learner”, and “O’ Holy Ghost” making these songs have  a more personal feel.  “Baby, Let the Tears Roll Down” is my favorite song on the album for the appeal of being effortlessly created, backed with such a beautiful melody (it will haunt you), and cathartic lyrics.  “Breakfast For Dinner” – I’m a huge fan of the idea and this song makes me hungry.  Wow, what better way to end an album than with a great cover of a John Lennon song, “Watching the Wheels”.  MAN, nice touch!

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