10 Great Tips to Help You Fail as an Independent Artist

From the CD Baby DIY Musician Blog:

We’ve all seen and read posts and eBooks about how to ‘succeed’ as independent artists and to be honest, I’ve even written a few.  But what about those of us who are bent on failure?  Those of us who would like to know how to shoot ourselves in the foot as efficiently and painfully as possible? Those of us who would like to be more unsuccessful and confused?  Well this post is for you!

Some of these things I’ve done myself, and I can assure you – they work amazingly well!  Others I’ve merely watched in admiration as true masters of blunder and confusion have performed their magic before my very eyes.

So here it is, my guide to failure for the independent artist:

1. Steal Your Own Thunder
Got a new CD in the works? Awesome! Make sure you release every version of every demo and every mix you record during the process on Facebook, Reverbnation, Myspace and anywhere else you can find.  Try to confuse your fans so that they’re not really sure if you have a CD out yet or not.  Don’t set a release date well in advance or plan your promotion to build anticipation.  Try to make your release as flat and confusing as possible!

2. Don’t Sell Anything!
You’re definitely going to get signed by a huge label in less than three months anyway, so why bother?!  It’s much better to just wait for other people to come in and straighten things out.  Taking responsibility for your own career is hard work and it might lead to success, so try your best to avoid it.  Try to keep it real and stay as broke as possible.  If you have any money then you’ll be less needy and you’ll have more leverage, which could lead you towards success, so stay away!

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