Hey, Bands: Avoid DIY sites that do too much

From blog.midem.com:

Sonicbids’ Brenden Mulligan explains why websites that claim to do everything can actually turn out to be nightmares.

I hear artists complain a lot about needing to use too many different online services. One for email, one for websites, etc… They wish all these features could be rolled up into one dashboard, but the reality is using different services is a very good thing. In fact, artists should seek out services with focused features, because companies that focus on one core thing produce the highest level of service and quality.

A common struggle that exists for entrepreneurs in the tech world is the impact on  adding more features vs. improving current ones. Once you build an application with successful core features, there is the overwhelming feeling you need to add stuff that makes it do more – especially when competition starts adding new functionality. But the best services don’t. The best companies make their core even stronger.

Read more here.

Note: Two sites that, in my opinion, are missing from the article are ReverbNation and Last.FM. – Anthony


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