In the News: The Hello Strangers


The band’s name is The Hello Strangers, but the two principal members are anything but strangers – they’re sisters.

Brechyn Chace and her sister, Larissa Chace Smith, decided to pool their musical talents a few years ago. The result of the merger so far has been a band, live dates, a move to another state, an EP and now a tour that brings them to Philadelphia on Dec. 1 for a show at the Grape Room.

“I was down in Austin, studying ethnomusicology/reggae at U.T. (University of Texas),” Larissa said during a recent phone interview. “We started writing because we were inspired by the music scene there in Austin.

“We got the name down there but only played one house party when we were still in Texas . We were getting homesick, so we moved back north – to Mercersburg, Pa.”

Click here to read the rest of Denny Dyroff’s interview.

The Hello Strangers official website

Also performing that night: 500 Miles to Memphis, Stolen Rhodes, The Broadcast and Rachel Platten


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