In the News: Rachel Platten


Like a cliff diver who has had to make the long trek up to the take-off location, Rachel Platten has steadily guided her musical career to a point where take-off is imminent.

And, for her, the trip that looms on the horizon will be just as exhilarating as any plunge taken by the cliff divers in Acapulco.

Platten, who lives in New York City, has a major record deal that is just waiting for all the details to be finalized — and plans to release her debut album early next year. Tonight, she will preview some of her new songs at the Grape Room in Manayunk.

“I have three or four albums worth of material already written,” Platten said during a recent phone interview. “I’m in the process of signing with a label now and they’ll be releasing my album in the second quarter of next year.”

Platten writes lively, piano-based songs with thought-provoking lyrics, pleasant melodies and catchy hooks. So far, she has released a pair of four-song EPs.

Platten describes her music as feel-good, indie singer-songwriter pop.

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Also performing tonight: 500 Miles to Memphis, Stolen Rhodes, The Hello Strangers and The Broadcast


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