Hey, Bands: Search Engine Optimization Tactics

From gazzmic.com:

Websites like Pandora and Last.FM associate different types of musical content with each other based on various parameters. My band Look What I Did is associated with a lot of bands that we’ve toured with (e.g. Animosity, Ion Dissonance, The Human Abstract), that our fans like (Dillinger Escape Plan, Faith No More, Shudder To Think), and to whom we have some sort of professional connection that is frequently mentioned (Foxy Shazam, Horse the Band, Jane’s Addiction). These connections result in our music getting played more frequently on services like Pandora and Last.FM. Our music videos appear as related to those of other artists on YouTube. We also appear on Google searches in various places according to different terms.

Send Your Music to Be Reviewed by Any Interested Blogger, No Matter How Much Traffic His or Her Site Gets

This is key among SEO tips for bands. Musicians are too quick to judge the cost-benefit analysis involved in sending CDs to bloggers. Yes, you are going to get more traffic from a large E-zine, but said publication is going to take much longer to review your music. In some cases, they may not get around to it at all.

Read the rest of this article by Barry Donegan, HERE.


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