2010 — a fascinating year in Philadelphia semi-acoustic music

From montgomerynews.com:

“Remember when the Grape Street Pub was on Grape Street? When it moved on to Main Street Manayunk, it gained in size but lost the vibe a bit, according to many fans. Then, the bigger spot was sold. Now, at the original location is the Grape Room, run by some of its original staff. It has its own fan club, but some of the shows are special, such as the Bricklin Reunion gig that took place in the fall. It was a fund-raiser for Cori Cross, who has ovarian cancer. Ian Cross is her brother, an original member of Bricklin, and has produced albums for Usher and Janet Jackson and many others. Of course, the Bricklin brothers were the namesake of the band and are both still very involved in music.”

Among the artists mentioned in the article who frequent The Grape Room are Hannah Zaic, Christie Lenee, Fooling April, Brian Flanagan, Early Ape, Blair Bodine and Kuf Knotz.

Read the entire article by David W. Wannop HERE.


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