Step 1: Become One of the Most Well-Known Local Bands


There Is No Substitute for Hand-to-Hand Flyers!
Some call it canvassing, handbilling, flyering – regardless of your preferred term, the best way to build a local club draw is to hand out flyers. It doesn’t necessarily even matter if the people receiving the flyer ever attend the show in question. When you go out to clubs and hand out flyers, you become friends with people. Additionally, each recipient gets the opportunity to process your band or project’s name, which, according to most statistics, must happen around 7 times before they will remember it.

While hanging up posters is helpful as well, hand-to-hand promotion in clubs is absolutely necessary for a number of reasons. First of all, it connects the name with you as a person. Also, when you attend other local bands’ shows to hand out leaflets, you become known as a supporter of the local scene. Other bands will see that you hand out flyers, and they will want to play shows with you so that they can benefit from that.

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