The Heat Run (ex-Oso) – One More Shot

The Heat Run is an indie-groove-folk collective based in Philadelphia. Brothers Mike and Steve Schaller began their musical collaboration as Oso, but it evolved into something new that demanded a new name and a fresh start when Steve introduced his brother to Ms. Mandy Shearer, an old friend from Virginia. A musical and romantic connection was immediate and they began churning out a bountiful harvest of new material that drew inspiration from the classic outlaw country, bluegrass, and soul records in Mandy’s record collection as well as the indie, surf, dub, and psychedelic rock in Mike’s. The now married couple introduced the batch of songs to the other members of Oso (including bassist Mike Gordon and drummer Josh Fullam) and the soulful, foot-stomping, hand clapping, group sing-a-longs that define The Heat Run’s music ensued.

The Heat Run won’t be at The Grape Room until March 1st but you can download their song “One More Shot” for free HERE.


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