West Coast Wonders Wander to Manayunk

From roxborough.patch.com:
Second acts can be hard in rock ‘n’ roll. Then again, for The Memorials and Just Like Vinyl, who will be playing The Grape Room Feb 1 (7 p.m., $10), this is more like the umpteenth act.

Memorials drummer Thomas Pridgen has played with Foxy Shazam, Juliette Lewis and, most famously, The Mars Volta. Guitarist Nick Brewers has done time with everything from reggae to metal. Just Like Vinyl’s Thomas Erak fronted prog-metal act Fall of Troy; bassist Henry Batts was on the road crew.

Memorials frontwoman Viveca Hawkins is the one fresh face among the vets. Sure, she’s got plenty of experience with music, but rock was a new game for her.

“(Pridgen) wanted it to be an original sound. I provided that with an ignorance,” she said. “I didn’t listen to much popular music. There are those hardcore rock fans who don’t hear what I hear. Where I’m coming from is a totally different background. All the different ways I choose to use my voice come from gospel and jazz and hip-hop and soul.”

Read more HERE.

Article written by Joe Pelone.


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