Album Review: Joe D’Amico – Asleep In My Shoes


I know Joe D’Amico because he’s a member of Mason Porter and that’s one of my favorite bands.  Mason Porter’s music is so good.  I recently got a taste of Joe D’Amico’s solo music endeavor from his Tuesday night residency at The Grape Room this past January.  Hearing D’Amico’s songs live made me excited to hear his new album.  Well, after listening to Asleep In My Shoes by Joe D’Amico I can honestly say that it is a magnificent album.

Asleep In My Shoes shows off Joe D’Amico’s great songwriting skills with so many memorable lyrics. My most favorite lyric can be heard on the title track, “Asleep In My Shoes”, “self destructing 3-4-2-1 of the reasons I’m ugly – I’ll never open my heart — to give or to learn or to simply return the love I’m given.”

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