An interview with John Salamone

The John Salamone Band returns to The Grape Room on Saturday, March 12 with Willpowerless and DJ Kirsh.

From Origivation Magazine:
Music lovers who enjoy well-crafted songs and dynamic live performances should take note of the John Salamone Band. Together for roughly two years, this quartet from the Philadelphia suburbs is poised to reach a broader audience.

The band – featuring bassist Brian Beard, lead guitarist Nick Vacante, and drummer Zack Zimmer – wowed audiences and judges this past December at the Philly Music Network’s SilverSound Showcase, taking first place. Its prizes include opening for Fuel later in 2011 and recording some tracks at SilverSound Audio Production.

Origivation: How did the band get together?
John Salamone: Me and Nick grew up together. I’ve been playing in different bands with him for about 17 years. We were in a band called Glasshouse for four or five years and then it broke up. Afterwards, me and Nick were jamming and jonesing to play. We knew Beard from when he played in The Red Kings and asked him to join us, but he politely declined. At 8:00 a.m. the next morning he called back: “Dude, do you still need a bass player?” He said he couldn’t sleep once we asked him. Me and Zack work together at Guitar Center in Plymouth Meeting. I went out for a smoke break and struck up a conversation with him. Zack is about ten years younger than me and had never been in a band before. He came down and played; we gelled from the get-go, personality-wise and everything.

O: What’s the story behind the band’s name?
JS: I always thought it was kind of stupid when a band names itself after one guy, like the Dave Matthews Band, because there are other guys in the group. We threw out tons of names. It was absolutely not my idea to call it that. It kind of just happened. We couldn’t settle on a name and we had shows lined up and needed one.

Read more HERE.


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