ReverbNation’s Facebook app My Band gets a new name (Band Profile), new features, and it’s still 100% FREE

Any band that has booked a show at The Grape Room in the last 6 months knows how much emphasis we put on them to utilizing ReverbNation. And if you’ve been a music conference in recent years, chances are you’ve had a conversation with co-founder / not-an-Eagles fan Lou Plaia. Walking the walk, you’ll find their schedule widget right on the front page of this website.  – Anthony

Today we’re announcing some major upgrades to our popular Facebook app, My Band. We’re giving it a new name (Band Profile) and some seriously powerful new features. More details are below, but to check them out right away you just need to login to Band Profile and click on the Appearance tab (if you haven’t upgraded your band page to Facebook’s new layout, you’ll need to do that too, but it’s as easy as clicking a blue ‘upgrade my page’ button upgrade your Facebook page).

Your App has Fan Boosters to grow your Fanbase

We know fans are critically important for an artist, and that’s why we wove Fan Boosters into the fabric of the new app. Fan Boosters help you grow your mailing list, build the Likes to your Facebook page or spread your music virally. They are super easy to activate, and they work automatically after you set them.

Read more HERE.


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