The Deli’s Featured Artist of the Month: Mrs. Pain

Mrs. Pain will be at The Grape Room on Saturday, April 2nd. She performs at 7:30pm. Also performing: Mackenzie (album release party), Sami the Great and The Day Life.

Mrs. Pain is the moniker used by Kelley Cosgrove, but as you will soon learn (unfortunately), it has taken on multiple meanings of its own. The uninhibited, photogenic singer-songwriter seems to absorb her environment like a sponge while mixing her own experiences and sense of humor to conjure up tunes that can take you away to far off places or soberly put the world into a unique perspective. From her hospital bed where she has spent the last few weeks, she contemplates the forces that have led her on this strange often painful journey that we are sure has plenty more to unfold for all to see.

The Deli: How did you start performing as Mrs. Pain?
Kelley Cosgrove: I was driven from a young age to compose and perform music. It eventually came to pass that I felt compelled to choose a stage name. This was around 2010 while I was living in Philadelphia as a misguided college student, who happened to be experiencing a medical condition which involved quite a large amount of emotional and physical pain. I somewhat hap hazardously chose the name not realizing just how meaningful and notorious it would become.

TD: Where did the moniker come from?
KC: It came to pass that I realized a very large part of my health problems stemmed from a dietary intolerance for bread. The french word for bread just so happens to be “le pain”, which appropriately for me, translates to English as “Pain”. And seeing as how ingesting bread causes me everything from arthritis to debilitating schizophrenic psychosis, the equation of pain to “bread” seemed extremely appropriate. Furthermore, my chronic pain problems were exacerbated by years of undiagnosed Lyme Disease, which made the name “pain” quite relevant to my daily living conditions. In fact, much more than was ever comfortable. To add to the already potent irony of the title, in 2011, I was scheduled for neurosurgery on the 14th of February – which is Valentine’s Day. A day which I jokingly swore I would be spending with my husband, Pain, in the OR at Penn Hospital in Philadelphia. What was meant to be a fairly routine neurosurgery to remove a benign tumor turned into a three week hospital stay (which has yet to be terminated), and involved a persistent leak of spinal fluid through my nose, a bout of excruciating meningitis, and an additional episode of neuro/spinal surgery. Naturally, all this resulted in more pain than I had ever anticipated. Thus, fully christening me in my originally jestful stage name.

Read more HERE.


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