The Quiz Kid: Quiz Quiztofferson

Philadelphia: Birthplace of American democracy, Will Smith and, according to conventional wisdom, Quizzo—the live trivia game that’s a staple of the bar scene. And much more fun to play the drunker you get. For the past few months, the Grape Room in Manayunk has been packing ’em in upstairs on Wednesday nights by putting a musical spin on things with their Rock ‘n’ Roll Quizzo, hosted by the enigmatic quizmaster known only as Quiz Quiztofferson. We spent a few minutes with the man himself to find out what makes him tick:

How’d you get started with Rock ‘n’ Roll Quizzo?
Before I was Quiz Quiztofferson, I was just this sad shell of a man, this sort of pathetic little guy who would come home and get beaten by his wife and yelled at by his kids. I was never good at sports, but the one thing I was good at was Jeopardy. And then one day I was on the Internet and I learned about this thing called Quizzo and suddenly I’d found a place for my useless music knowledge. I just had to find the right arena. I read the Keith Richards biography before I ever started doing Quizzo, thinking, “What’s it like to be a rock star?” He kept saying, “I was in the right place at the right time.” Now I know how he feels.

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