Goodbye Picasso’s ‘The Book of Aylene’ straddles genres

In the changing landscape of contemporary music, it can be difficult to fit music into one particular genre.

Folk/country/rock/blues band Goodbye Picasso typifies the trend, blending elements from various genres to create a sound that echoes its roots, but advances in its own direction, rather than defining itself by the standards of another sound.

The Gestalt sound of Goodbye Picasso can be traced back to their roots. The band first met studying abroad in London while attending Florida State University.

After starting their music careers in Nashville, a hotbed for country and Christian music recording, songwriter Chris Dreyer and guitarist Scott Taylor moved to New York and formed Goodbye Picasso.

Read more HERE.

Goodbye Picasso will be performing at The Grape Room on Thursday, April 6. Also performing: Victoria Spaeth and the Spaeth Cadets, Rhyne McCormick and Rupert Wates.


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