Joshua Popejoy feels at home in East Falls

Performing acoustic guitar-driven music is a way for Joshua Popejoy to relax and dabble in ways his regular job playing and teaching classical trombone does not.

“In classical music, you’re one-ninetieth of the group. There’s a such thing as perfection. It’s almost mathematical,” says Popejoy, 30. “I picked up guitar to remember why I play music.”

Popejoy, a Kansas City native, moved to Philadelphia in 2004 to study for his master’s degree in music performance. But within in a year he had quit school to pursue his solo career, and found an apartment in a neighborhood called East Falls from searching internet listings. He’s remained in East Falls since then, because Popejoy says the neighborhood offers enough greenery for a mid-westerner like Popejoy to feel comfortable and attracts musicians like him.

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