Music a ’life sacrifice’ for Grip of the Gods

Rock music has been flipped, stretched, molded, remolded and bounced off of walls since its creation. It seems that come each decade, a new interpretation of the genre is put out there, and the kids of the generation sink their claws onto it and feed. When it starts to get old, then it’s time to come up with something else.

Grip of the Gods, a band hailing from the Scranton/Dunmore area is setting out to differentiate itself from today’s rock bands, developing what it feels is its personal style born from the diverse musical backgrounds of the three piece. From playing classical guitar to listening to ’90s alternative, classic rock, jam bands and eventually rock music of the 2000s, Grip of the Gods — vocalist/guitarist Rich Barni, bassist Alex Deck and drummer Corey Deck — has drawn out its own hybrid rock genre.

The band recently released its 5-track disc, “The Destination of Man,” a sophomore EP following its debut 3-track “Walking in Monologues.” With well-structured guitar fills backed by well-fit basslines and drums, each component fits together like an intricate puzzle. “Destination of Man” is instrumentally lighthearted and listeners will be able to hear that the band put a lot into recording the five tracks.

On top of upgrading its production techniques in its home studio and taking a different approach to songwriting, Grip of the Gods feels that “The Destination of Man” is an improvement from its beginning work.

“It’s better defined,” Barni said while sitting in a coffee shop in Manayunk, near Philadelphia, a few hours before the band would take the stage at The Grape Room. “It’s a better representation of who we are.”

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