Band websites – need help?

I’m proud to say that we get a lot of compliments on our website. Honestly, it’s built out of frustration from dealing with so many other venues and their inefficient websites during my years as a tour manager / booking agent. But take a closer look at our site here – it’s really just a tricked out WordPress page. In fact, many people use WordPress for their businesses and /or bands.

In my opinion, using a blog service for your bands website is the way to go. I believe this because blogger sites are already tied in with SEO’s (Search Engine Optimization) and secondary sites such as Flickr and ReverbNation are easy to utilize since coding options are provided.

Does this sort of thing confuse you?

Drop me a line a we’ll set up an appointment for you to come down to the club and I’ll show you how it all works. In the end, you’ll be able to maintain a professional and functional website that best promotes your band.

It’s so easy, even a drummer can do it. 🙂

– Anthony


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