What Are You Doing to Make Your Band a Success?

In the latest issue of JUMP Magazine you’ll find the debut of my DIY column for bands. Physical copies of the publication can be found throughout Philadelphia where all the cool kids go (including The Grape Room, yeah).

What Are You Doing to Make Your Band a Success?From JumpPhilly.com:
Performing live is a wonderful and rewarding experience. Any musician will tell you. There’s nothing quite like it. The bigger the crowd, the more invincible you feel. But herein lies the question – how big is your crowd?

There is this perpetual myth that venues are responsible for putting any and all bands in front of a packed club on any given night of the week. As impossible as this sounds, many bands cling to it like organized religion.

So, now what?

Oftentimes the problem is that neither party understands their role in the equation. Many venues expect instant financial results with only a minimal investment.

Read more HERE.


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