Big Fat Marker more than a funny name

Band names run the gamut from simple to complex to mysterious.

But one local group’s name can be catagorized as comical.

Big Fat Marker — a name which came about during a “very intoxicated conversation” — was the result of indecision, said Keith Colella, vocalist and guitar player for the band.

“We couldn’t decide on a band name for months, and Big Fat Marker just stood out and we all liked it,” said Keith Colella. “It eventually ended up as a lyric in one of our songs, ‘Timelines.’”

Colella and band mates Kyle Jaep on vocals, keyboard, guitar; drummer/percussionist Tad Lecuyer; Keith’s brother bassist Andrew Colella who also adds vocals and plays the cello and singer Emily Costantino, a multi-instrumentalist who joined the guys in the summer of 2010 make up the band’s self-described sound of “indie folk-rock — characterized by tight vocal harmonies over ringing guitar lines and driving rhythms.”

“Also, it’s awesome,” added Keith.

Big Fat Marker was created when Constantino joined the ranks, and since that time, the group has been performing and recording. They will release their official EP “Timelines,” Saturday at The Grape Room in Philadelphia.

Read more HERE.


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